Dr Charles Krebs (PhD)


Dr Charles Krebs

is a trained scientist in kinesiology and acupressure, obtaining his PhD. in marine biology. After a serious diving accident in the early 80's which left him almost completely paralysed, Charles was propelled into the area of complimentary therapies to find assistance. From a neurological perspective Charles should be in a wheel chair, yet he is walking around and tours the world as a much sought after lecturer. 

He now practices as a kinesiologist where his special interest in how the brain works, has lead him to develop some powerful programmes to assist many people with learning difficulties including the Learning Enhancement Advanced Program known as LEAP.

These programmes are now taught and used in many countries around the world. Applying his knowledge of anatomy and physiology and his particular expertise in brain function, he has developed a number of powerful nutritional formulas that profoundly effect how the brain and subsequently the physical body deals with stress.

Because of his own particular need to improve the functioning of muscles in his own body, he has also developed a remarkable 'Muscle formula' which 'switches on' dysfunctional muscles. Dr Charles Krebs is not only an expert in kinesiology and acupressure techniques but also the author of the books., 'A Revolutionary Way of Thinking' and 'Nutrition for the Brain'

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