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Many people travelling overseas pass through numerous time zones having their circadian rhythms disrupted causing jet lag. If you are one of these people, NO MORE JET LAG is the kinesiology way using acupressure to cure jet lag .

Jet Lag

Can so severely affect some people that they are effectively robbed of part of their well earned holiday or critical business trip. More

Dr Charles Krebs

A reknown kinesiology expert with specialist knowledge in brain function, constantly travelling the world on lecture tours, devised this self administered acupressure concept for his personal use, which is now available for everyone to benefit from. More

Acupressure Points

Known as Luo Points, are used to re-align your meridian clock (body clock) to your place of arrival simply based on your departure and arrival times.  More

Our Money Back Guarantee

If you feel it does not work for you, simply return the decoder for a full refund. More


Many happy customers can attest to the ability to stop jet lag using this very Easy, Safe, Effective NO MORE JET LAG acupressure technique. More


We only accept orders Online to ensure a quick, easy and hassle free delivery More